Why Use SEOConsultant.com?

The idea is pretty simple: we’re all busy, and adding more feeds to our already busy Twitter streams or emails to our inbox is not something any of us want.

So, SEOConsultant.com is here to a) educate you on the lastest in SEO, and b) keep your life simplified.

One Browser Tab

Keep one browser tab open to SEOConsultant.com and we’ll tell you when there’s something you need to look at.

SEO Consultant

Keep a browser tab open; we’ll tell you when there’s something interesting to read.

Visit the tab as you have time, not when someone else thinks you should be visiting. Instead of being pulling in 30+ different directions from 30+ different blogs that you respect, simplify your life with one tab.

Mobile Optimized

We know you’re on the go, so we developed a responsive theme that is quick to display and easy to read.

SEO Blog on Your Mobile Phone

SEO Blog on Your Mobile Phone

On All the Big Social Media Platforms

Maybe you don’t use a browser (ha!), but you love Twitter or G+ or Facebook. We’re constantly re-publishing links to only the best SEO blogs through our feed. So just follow us on whatever platform you prefer.

One RSS Feed

Ok, you hate social media platforms. You’re an “old school” RSS guy or gal. We’ve got you covered.

Here’s our feed URL: http://seoconsultant.com/feed/

Email Updates

You hate browsers, social media, and RSS. No problem.

Instead of getting 30+ emails from your favorite blogs, we will send you one email per day with only the top stories of the past day.

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How do we determine top stories? It’s by clicks through any of the media above.