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20 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills by @LarryKim

I’ve been doing a lot of presenting recently, and I have no problem admitting that it’s tough. For those not born with natural eloquence, public speaking can be remarkably nerve-racking. But I’m getting a lot better! One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the last few years is that to be a great speaker, …

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E-Commerce 101: 12 Last Minute Ways to Optimize Your Website For the Holiday Season by @albertcostill

It only seemed like yesterday that it was November 1st, aka the day after Halloween. As I was getting ready for my final Halloween party of the year, I noticed that nearly every other ad that popped up was for the holiday season. While this isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it definitely felt like the upcoming rush of …

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3 Proven Ways To Write Ads That Deliver More Conversions

Now you know you need to change your paid search creative to keep it fresh. Contributor Frederick Vallaeys shares tips from Boost Media’s CEO on the changes that will have a positive impact. The post 3 Proven Ways To Write Ads That Deliver More Conversions appeared first on Search Engine Land. . About SEO, PPC, …

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5 Ways Your Site Might Fail Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

On Tuesday, Google announced a new label in search results that states whether or not a site is “mobile-friendly.” Now when you’re on your phone, you’ll know ahead of time if the site you’re thinking about visiting is optimized for your device. Accompanying that announcement, Google said that they are also experimenting with a ranking boost for sites …

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20 Ways B2B SEOs Can Leverage Schema.org Markup

Structured data markup can improve search visibility, yet few websites use it. Columnist Derek Edmond provides tips for B2B marketers on how to get started. The post 20 Ways B2B SEOs Can Leverage Schema.org Markup appeared first on Search Engine Land. . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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2 Creative Ways To Promote Vital But Infrequently-Searched-For Events With PPC

No search volume? No problem! Columnist Pauline Jakober provides helpful tips for campaigns focused on low search volume, high conversion terms. The post 2 Creative Ways To Promote Vital But Infrequently-Searched-For Events With PPC appeared first on Search Engine Land. . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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5 Ways to Build Up Brand Evangelists by @jeanmariedion

Developing an excellent online reputation means doing more than simply talking endlessly about how wonderful your company is. If you’re the only one doing the talking, and you have a vested interest in seeing your company succeed, chances are your words will be taken with more than just a grain of salt. In fact, your …

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4 Ways to Build Trust and Humanize Your Brand

Posted by MackenzieFogelson Hey there Mozzers. This is a collaborative post between myself and a good friend of mine, Matthew Sweezey. Sweezey is the head of B2B Marketing Thought Leadership at Salesforce.com and he knows a whole lot about marketing. We’re excited to share this post with you and look forward to your feedback in the …

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5 Ways Social Media Could Hurt Your Business by @albertcostill

There’s no denying that social media is a powerful resource for brands. With 74% of online adults on social media, it’s an effective way to reach and interact with your audience and share information about your brand. However, social media can also do harm to your business if you don’t understand how to properly manage your …

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Six Ways to Win on your Competitor’s Branded Keywords

Occupying your competitor’s SERP space with a pay-per-click ad provides the ability to capture traffic and convert visitors into customers who may have had previous intentions of spending their money elsewhere. While bidding on the branded terms of your competitors is not an innovative practice, poor execution is something we see over and over again. …

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6 Easy Ways to Improve User Experience Using Analytics Data

User experience is important – little hitches in your site’s user experience could cost you conversions and repeat visitors, big ones could have your customers leaving to competitors in their droves. At the same time, finding problems and identifying opportunities can be hard and expensive, requiring extensive user testing and time-consuming A/B tests. However, that …

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Ways to Proactively Welcome Women Into Online Marketing

Posted by EricaMcGillivray A lot of my life’s work has been focused on increasing the visibility of women and other minorities in male-dominated professional fields. I’m not here to give you an intersectional Feminism 101 lesson or explain to you that institutional sexism is indeed alive and systemically present in online marketing. Instead, in the …

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5 Essential Ways to Attract Customers to Your Online Store

No matter if you already have your online store for some time or you are just starting your adventure with ecommerce – you won’t succeed unless you can attract clients to your e-business. Of course, that sounds like it is easier said than done – acquiring users for an online store may be really difficult… …

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25 Amazing Ways to Boost eCommerce Conversion Rates

Recent research shows that 53% of businesses spend less than 5% of their total marketing budget on conversion optimization. 35% of the businesses report a conversion rate of less than 1%. It wouldn't surprise me if a good chunk of businesses don't even know their eCommerce conversion rates. For this reason, I will be highlighting …

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3 Ways to Dig Deeper for Bigger Paid Search Success

The little things, like match types, ad groups, and geo-targeting, can make all the difference in your search marketing tactics. Here are some examples that show why it makes sense to dig into the details. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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