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Twitter Rolls Out Dedicated Product Pages and Curated Collections by @mattsouthern

Twitter announced it is slowly beginning to roll out two new features that it claims will make it easier to discover products and places. The post Twitter Rolls Out Dedicated Product Pages and Curated Collections by @mattsouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Search Engine Journal

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Twitter Ads for Lead Gen by @mchale05

Many businesses aren’t quite sure how to tackle Twitter marketing from a paid perspective. Here’s how to see a direct return on your Twitter ads investment. The post A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Twitter Ads for Lead Gen by @mchale05 appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Search Engine Journal

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How to get your tweets ready for Google’s Twitter integration

Are you using Twitter to promote your business? The value of a tweet is about to increase as Google and Twitter are combining forces, making search and social tight like never before. Coming to light in May, Twitter’s content will show in Google’s search results which will help businesses using this social network expand their …

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Using A Twitter Stream to Reinforce Mobile Local Branding on Google

Recently Google+ posts stopped showing up in the knowledge panel and Twitter content started showing up in real time in Google mobile searches. The only value to an SMB of using Plus and the only reason I recommended it was that it put messaging and an image on the front page of Google search. That post conveyed …

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How to Optimise Twitter Ads for Business

Twitter can be a force for good, if handled in the correct way; failing to leash the beast can be disastrous for a campaign. I wanted to share my take on how to optimise Twitter ads for business by ensuring your targeting is taking the right path. In this example we are using a website …

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Google Confirms New Experiment With Twitter In Search Results

Google is expected to begin showing Twitter content in search this month, is this a screen shot of tweets in Google’s mobile search results? The post Google Confirms New Experiment With Twitter In Search Results appeared first on Search Engine Land. . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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Facebook and Twitter Tweaks, Industry Trends, and More

Twitter and Facebook are adding a variety of new features and services, as well as tweaking the way that old services are offered. And that should come as little surprise, since those services are always in high demand. While some members of the communities are discussing the impact that these changes might bring, others are …

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Twitter Cuts Off Firehose Access to Third Party Data Resellers by @mattsouthern

News broke late Friday night that Twitter made a significant move towards bolstering its own big data business by cutting off firehose access to third parties. Twitter’s ‘firehose’ refers to the raw, unfiltered stream of tweets and all related metadata. An announcement from Twitter’s data analytics team states that previous agreements with third party resellers …

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Twitter to Display Promoted Tweets in User Profiles by @mattsouthern

The next time you visit a friend’s Twitter profile you may see something that will make you look twice. No, your friend isn’t suddenly tweeting out marketing on behalf of big brands, what you’re seeing is a new test where Twitter is inserting promoted tweets in users profiles. Recode reports Twitter confirmed it’s conducting this …

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Twitter Releases New Tool For Curating Best Tweets Around A Particular Topic by @mattsouthern

One of the greatest challenges on Twitter is cutting through the noise to find tweets with the most value, insight, and influence. Today, the company released a new tool designed to tackle that challenge. Curator can surface and display the most relevant Twitter (and Vine) content centered around a particular topic. Twitter is framing this as a …

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Are You Losing Business on Twitter?

Our friends at Brandwatch recently performed an experiment to find out how well brands were doing on Twitter. Were they meeting their customers’ expectations? Or were they doing more harm than good? The results were pretty staggering. Here’s Iris from Brandwatch with insights into typical missed opportunities and advice on how we can all get better …

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Twitter Launches its own Live Streaming App, Periscope, to Compete with Meerkat by @mattsouthern

Interest has been building in new live streaming app, Periscope, ever since news broke weeks ago that it was acquired by Twitter. When competitive live streaming app, Meerkat, stole everyone’s attention at SXSW, eyes were once again on Twitter and Periscope to see what they would bring to the table to compete with the latest …

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5 Ways to Get 10x More Retweets on Twitter by @LarryKim

We have a pretty good idea of Twitter best practices: post regularly, don’t overuse hashtags, keep your tweets short enough for retweets, etc. We even know that a good mix of images and video will help boost engagement. Yet every few months, I like to look back through my Twitter analytics to see which content …

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Get More Conversions Using These 12 Twitter Stats #Infographic by @MDMJonathan

Twitter is an excellent social media platform to grow your brand, both personally and as a company. It is great for introducing new prospects to what you offer, and for converting your existing followers into leads and sales. Out of all the marketers currently using Twitter, only 34% of them are successfully generating leads via …

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#SMM 101: How to Leverage Twitter For Your Clients by @esornoso

Although many online marketers see Facebook as the be-all and end-all of social media marketing, it is important to remember that Twitter is considered a more dynamic and flexible platform for brand promotion. Businesses and brands haven’t even scraped the surface of Twitter’s true potential. There’s a lack of information about Twitter advertising, so I …

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