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SMX East Liveblog: What SEOs Should Be Doing with Mobile

SMX East Liveblog: What SEOs Should Be Doing with Mobile was originally published on BruceClay.com, home of expert search engine optimization tips. When it comes to mobile, Google prefers responsive design. But there is no ranking boost or penalty for using this method when designing your mobile site. Cindy Krum, Michael Martin, Jim Yu and …

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Facebook Reviews Should Be a Part of Every SMB Review Plan

If you had any doubts as to whether Facebook has a place in your review strategy, news this past week from Bill Bean that Facebook reviews were now showing in the Google “Reviews from Around the Web” should put them to rest. I was curious how widespread this was and whether it was just a …

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Should You Really Spend Your Time (And Resources) On Negative SEO?

Every site is bound to have some shady links. But should you disavow? You might be throwing the baby out with the bath water. The post Should You Really Spend Your Time (And Resources) On Negative SEO? appeared first on Search Engine Land. . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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Yes, You Should Get An SSL Certificate for Your Website

Google has recently come out and explicitly said were starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. Currently, it is a "lightweight signal", but that could easily change, and it might have more weight in the future. Traditionally, Https was used only when sensitive information was being transmitted, for example, when completing online transactions (it …

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How Small Businesses Should Respond to the Google Pigeon Update

SEO is an ever-changing world. Every marketer knows this (or at least should). The wise marketer will realize that many of the changes are refinements in a continual evolution. The most recent release announced just last month, coined as the Google Pigeon update turns the spotlight on local search. The focus on natural content and …

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What’s the Deal With Links From M.Biz? Should You Disavow?

Do links from m.biz have a negative SEO impact on your site? Do you need to disavow them to be safe? Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Bad Link-Building You Should Be Doing

In a lot of cases, links from methods that many would consider bad are not just part of a natural profile but can actually drive traffic and PageRank. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging To Help Your Business

"Blogging is one of the best ways that you can help your business." I'm sure you have all heard this line copious amounts of times from friends, co-workers and even business relations. For some of you this may have been all the convincing you needed to give blogging a go. But there are still many …

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Building a new website? 10 reasons why you should consider SEO from the start!

Whether you’re just starting out and building a website from scratch, or you’re looking to give your current website a makeover, pulling your SEO team in from the start will save you time in the long run. I see it time and time again. A website is built, then the SEOs are pulled in to …

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Negative SEO: Should You Be Worried? If Attacked, What Should You Do?

Posted by MarieHaynes There has been a lot of talk lately about negative SEO. Does it really happen? If so, should you be worried? How do you know whether someone is attempting to attack you with negative SEO? And what should you do to protect yourself? The purpose of this article is to shed some …

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Common Objections against Content Marketing and What a Marketer Should Say

Content marketing is one of the biggest success stories in the global marketing industry. Everyday, thousands of pieces of content are published, all professionally planned, commissioned and measured to give brands a powerful way to reach their customers. This builds a fantastic level of loyalty, gaining sales along the way. Moreover we also seem to …

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Social Media Apps That You Don’t Need (or Want), But Should Try Anyway

Sometimes when you’re a social media strategist (or, really, just a human with a smart phone or tablet), you get stuck in a routine that involves the same few social media mobile applications. Whether I’m on the bus or about to go to sleep, I find myself checking my three favorite apps: Facebook (I know, …

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Why You Should Hire Journalists to be Content Marketers

In the digital age, journalists have to find alternative career paths other than writing for the traditional newspaper or a magazine. Luckily for journalists though, there are a number of jobs that can put their writing skills to good use…and content marketing just happens to be one of them. Most of the skills that are …

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8 Blogging “Rules” You Should Probably Ditch

Since blogging is an ever-evolving field, here are eight current blogging practices that may be near the end of their lifelines, and what you should do instead. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Live @ SMX East: What SEOs Should Be Doing With Mobile

For years, debates raged about what constituted “best practices” when it came to mobile SEO. Early on, the discussion focused on whether it was important to have a separate site optimized for mobile devices. That proved to be a major challenge, as it required detecting and optimizing… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & …

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