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Report: US Mobile Search Spend Expected To Overtake Desktop Next Year

Starting next year marketers in the US will spend more on mobile search — both PPC ads and SEO –  than on desktop, according to a new report from digital research firm, eMarketer. Just last year, the firm estimates, less than a quarter of search spend went to mobile. The report suggests… . About SEO, …

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Google Down Slightly, Bing-Yahoo Up In October comScore Search Report

Google saw its share of the US search market drop slightly in October, while both Bing and Yahoo saw corresponding gains. That’s according to comScore’s October 2014 search engine rankings. ComScore estimates Google’s US market share at an even 67 percent for October, down from… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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New Google AdWords “Automated Extensions” Report Rolling Out

First, what are “automated extensions”? This is the new term for what were once known as “annotations” — Consumer Ratings and Seller Ratings which automatically populate in AdWords ads. Google said it is retiring the use of “annotations” and replacing it… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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3 Simple Reasons AuthorityLabs “Now Provided” Report is Awesome

AuthorityLabs created a new report called “Now Provided”.  The report is simple, useful, and excellent for taking back your page level keyword data for SEO campaigns. 3 Awesome Now Provided Report Features Identifies keyword opportunities (with data to support them) Provides long tail keyword information at the page level Sortable by bounce rate to identify …

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Using The New Treemaps Report In Google Analytics To Find AdWords Nirvana

Google Analytics’ new Treemaps report allows for lightning-fast analysis. Contributor Matt Lawson goes through some analyses to use in your account. The post Using The New Treemaps Report In Google Analytics To Find AdWords Nirvana appeared first on Search Engine Land. . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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Your Google My Business Performance Report for September 2014

Google is sending out a new My Business Report via email to verified owners of listings. The report is attractive with meaningful calls to action to visit the My Business or to contact Google Help even if the report is glaringly inaccurate. On the several reports that I have received so far, the review number …

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Market Report: Beds & Mattresses | Summer 2014

It’s been an busy summer here at White.net. We’ve been busy talking to new companies, launching new client websites, speaking at industry events, and even barbecuing. In between all of this, we’ve also been digging into mountains of industry data to explore some new verticals and bring the intelligence and insights we discovered directly to you. …

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Report: HTTPS URLs Have No Discernible Ranking Benefit In Google Currently

In August 2014, Google announced that they would give a small ranking boost to HTTPS with the new HTTPS ranking factor. Now that it is a few weeks later, many are wondering how much of an impact does HTTPS URLs actually have on rankings. The answer according to SearchMetrics is none currently…. . About SEO, …

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Bing Ads “Top Movers” Report Gives the “Why” Behind Campaign Changes

Bing Ads released a new feature that provides more insight into ad performance, showing up to 10 campaigns or ad groups with the most significant performance change. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Microsoft’s Catapult Project To Power All Bing Data Centers Next Year [Report]

After a successful test, Microsoft says it will expand its Catapult server project to all Bing datacenters in 2015. When Microsoft first detailed the project two months ago, the company said it would use the new technology in one datacenter starting early next year. But according to PC World,… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search …

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How to Align Google Webmaster Tools US and Web Report with Google Analytics

It’s possible to align Google Webmaster Tools search query data with Google Analytics and that can help users identify the intent of customers coming from organic search. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Search Engine Marketing Report 2014

Last year we’ve published an infographic about SEO market analysis. This year we prepared an update covering the most important algorithm changes, trends and numbers behind the industry and Google. Infographics are available both in Polish and English. See the infographic in full Polish Version The post Search Engine Marketing Report 2014 appeared first on …

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Pigeon – An Anecdotal Impact Report

The recent Google Local Update was very disruptive. Although as I wrote at the time and reiterate, until we actually look at actual measurable results can we both understand its actual impact and perhaps more of what was happening. There were two main parts to the update – Local search results that are tied more …

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Fake Googlebot Activity up 61% [Report]

One in every 24 visits is a fake Googlebot. Identifying bad bots can be tricky; some are very sophisticated, especially the ones mimicking Google. Here are some steps you can take to verify whether you’re getting faked visits. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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