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Facebook Bans Like-Gating, No More Incentivizing Users To Like Pages by @mattsouthern

Facebook recently published a small but important update on their developer blog where they effectively put the ban on like-gating content. According to Facebook themselves, the definition of like-gating is: “when you force a Facebook user who has not already liked your Page to like your Page before they can see content on a particular custom tab.” …

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Bing Search Box Now On Chrome New Tab Pages

Searching just got simpler for people using Chrome with their default search engine set to Bing.

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Landing Page Conversion Optimization for Confirmation Pages: Outsmart Your Competition

So you've earned a conversion through a kick-ass landing page – congrats! But, if you think that's where it ends, you're sadly mistaken. You turned a user into a buyer and now is the PERFECT time to push marketing ROI even more with landing page conversion optimization for confirmation/thank-you pages! That's right folks, a thank-you …

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Facebook Releases New Version Of Pages Manager For iOS and Android by @mattsouthern

Facebook announced on their Facebook For Businesss blog that they have released an updated version the Pages Manager application for iOS and Android. Facebook Page owners will appreciate the new features as they include easier access to thing Page Owners need every day, such as tools for managing the page, and better navigation to the …

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How Many Businesses Have Verified G+ Pages for Local?

While at SIINDA conference, Google was an obvious point of reference and conversation both in the formal sessions and the informal discussions afterwords. One number that was bandied about was the total number of currently verified local business listings worldwide. While I have no way to independently verify the number of 20 million verified listings,  as Google …

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Personalized Certificates & Public Profiles Pages For Google Partners

Google announced that Google Partners now have two new ways to share their AdWords certification with prospects or clients. (1) You can now get a personalized HTML certificate that you can showcase. (2) You can now also use your sharable public profile page… Search Engine Roundtable

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Understanding web pages better

In 1998 when our servers were running in Susan Wojcicki’s garage, we didn’t really have to worry about JavaScript or CSS. They weren’t used much, or, JavaScript was used to make page elements… blink! A lot has changed since then. The web is full of rich, dynamic, amazing websites that make heavy use of JavaScript. …

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Google Adds Ability to Upgrade G+ Brand Pages to G+ Local Pages

Google has announced today in the forums the ability to upgrade Branded G+ Pages to Local G+ Pages.  Read all of the details at the LocalU Blog: Google Now Allows Brand Pages to Become Google+ Local Pages. Additional details: Google For Business Forum post Help Center Files Related posts: Google Adds “Are you the Business Owner?” …

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Rendering pages with Fetch as Google

Webmaster level: all The Fetch as Google feature in Webmaster Tools provides webmasters with the results of Googlebot attempting to fetch their pages. The server headers and HTML shown are useful to diagnose technical problems and hacking side-effects, but sometimes make double-checking the response hard: Help! What do all of these codes mean? Is this …

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Help with (Not Provided): New Landing Pages Report in Moz Analytics

Posted by JayLeary There’s been a lot of talk about what (not provided) means for SEO practitioners, with Mozzers weighing in on broader implications and alternative strategies. When it comes down to it, we’re stuck with a frustrating predicament that’s forcing us to change our process. Activities like keyword gap analysis, editorial brainstorming, basic rank tracking, and  even SEM …

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Remove Page Elements For Higher Converting Pages

People often talk about including elements on a page to improve landing page conversions and user experience. I know I’ve personally written a lot on this particular topic. But, did you know that removing page elements can be just as effective at increasing conversions as adding or tweaking… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines …

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Less Is More When Writing for Landing Pages

by Mike Fleming Yes, I know why you include so many words on your marketing landing pages. It’s because you really, really, REALLY want your visitors to get it. You want them to understand all that it is you have to offer them and how choosing to do business with you is really going to …

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Wayback Machine Adds 160 Billion Indexed Pages In A Year, Surpasses 400 Billion Indexed Pages

The Internet Archive announced that the Wayback Machine, a huge internet archive of web pages dating back to 1996, has surpassed 400 billion pages indexed. In January 2013, a little over a year ago, the Wayback Machine said they had 240 billion URLs indexed and since then, they have added another… . About SEO, PPC, …

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Optimize Your Landing Pages For User Intent: Interview With Jonah Stein by @johnrampton

As part of our SEJ interview series, I caught up with Jonah Stein of ItsTheROI to discuss conversion rate optimization. Jonah has 17 years of online marketing experience and specializes in ROI driven SEO and PPC initiatives for both established brands and startups. I took this opportunity with Jonah to ask what are some of the …

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How Google Uses Taxonomic Classifications to Better Understand the Meanings of Words on Pages

Many words found on a web page are much easier to understand given the context of the page itself, as described in a Google patent granted last week. For example, take the word “bank,” which can mean a financial institution, one side of a river, or the turning of an airplane. Without the context of …

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