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AdWords Will Drop 2nd Line of Ad Text for Ad Extensions on Mobile

Google says showing ad extensions in more prominent locations will give consumers easier access to information about businesses and will improve mobile ad performance. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Google To Start Bumping Ad Copy For Extensions In Mobile Search Ads

When Google added ad extensions and formats to the Ad Rank formula last fall, the company essentially put a neon sign flashing “Ad Extensions Increase Click Through Rates” in that store window you walk by every day. Now, in another sign of the rise of ad extensions, Google has announced… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, …

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SMX East 2014 Speaker Series: Jim Yu on the ‘Massive Mobile Shift’

SMX East 2014 Speaker Series: Jim Yu on the ‘Massive Mobile Shift’ was originally published on BruceClay.com, home of expert search engine optimization tips. Earlier this year, Search Engine Journal reported that the mobile market will generate an estimated $ 261 billion more in 2015 than it did in 2012. This is no surprise, considering …

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Bing Ads Preview And Ad Diagnostics Tool: Now For Product And Mobile Ads

The Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool in Bing Ads now allows advertisers to preview how their ads will look on mobile devices and find out why their product ads aren’t running. A new Product Ads tab in the tool includes a “reason for not showing” column with specific causes such as… . About SEO, PPC, …

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Getting Started with Mobile Bid Modifiers

Problem Ever since Google AdWords introduced enhanced campaigns, targeting mobile traffic effectively using mobile bid modifiers has been an important strategy for all PPC managers.  Some of you may have mobile bid modifiers set in your campaigns already, but aren’t seeing very good results from mobile traffic.  Others may have your mobile bid modifiers set …

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Facebook Testing Mobile Search Feature With Keywords

The tool will allow users to search for keywords in posts they are “in the audience for” on Facebook, the social network says. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Buffer’s Complete Guide to Mobile Social Media: Strategies for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ by @kevanlee

I spend my days writing content from my desktop computer for people who will read the content on their smartphones and tablets. Go figure. Mobile devices are fast becoming the preferred method of reading, sharing, and engaging with online content. It’s strange to think that the content we create on desktops and laptops will end up on dozens of different …

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2013 Mobile Ad Revenue Hits $19.3B, Including Gains in Search

A recent report by The Interactive Advertising Bureau and IHS show mobile ad revenue nearly doubled in 2013 from 2012, with mobile search ads growing globally. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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How You Can Create A Mobile Friendly Online Store

by gfpeck Predicting and adapting to new trends or major shifts can certainly give your business a competitive edge (and failing to do so can force you out of the race as well). Mobile ecommerce is one such trend where you need to adapt to stay in the game. If you think that mobile is …

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Facebook Tests Searching By Keyword In Mobile Apps

Eventually Facebook will bring Graph Search to mobile devices. At least Mark Zuckerberg says so. In January, he said it would be coming “pretty soon”. Facebook is staying quiet about any timetable, but now and then tests leak into public. In June, it was a test for mobile web users…. . About SEO, PPC, SEM, …

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Mobile App Metrics: Attributed Install vs. Assisted Install

To stay ahead of the curve, mobile app marketers need to be looking beyond top-level metrics. One of these top-level metrics is the install. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Google Informs Webmasters of Faulty Redirects for Mobile Users

Reports this week show webmasters are starting to see notifications from Google when faulty redirects are detected. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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How To Leverage Mobile Device Targeting With Adwords’ Hyper-local Campaigns

It feels like an eternity ago that Google introduced enhanced campaigns, yet advertisers still face the challenge of exclusively targeting mobile devices using AdWords. With enhanced campaigns, Google bundled desktops, mobile, and tablets into a single group, and by doing so, removed the ability to exclusively target individuals searching on mobile devices. Kind of strange …

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Live @ SMX East: What SEOs Should Be Doing With Mobile

For years, debates raged about what constituted “best practices” when it came to mobile SEO. Early on, the discussion focused on whether it was important to have a separate site optimized for mobile devices. That proved to be a major challenge, as it required detecting and optimizing… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & …

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Mobile Search Spend Share In UK And Australia Outpaces US

Mobile spend and click share in three of the most mature paid search markets – the US, UK and Australia – increased significantly over the past year. The share of paid search spend allocated to mobile paid search spend in the UK and Australia continued to outpace that of the US. The new data,… . …

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