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Facebook Tests Searching By Keyword In Mobile Apps

Eventually Facebook will bring Graph Search to mobile devices. At least Mark Zuckerberg says so. In January, he said it would be coming “pretty soon”. Facebook is staying quiet about any timetable, but now and then tests leak into public. In June, it was a test for mobile web users…. . About SEO, PPC, SEM, …

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Google Ends Exact and Phrase Keyword Match Ability in AdWords; Now Applying Close Variant Keyword Matching by @mattsouthern

At least 7% of Google searches contain a misspelling, according to a new post on Google’s Inside AdWords blog. However, people still want to find what they’re looking for even if they haven’t spelled it correctly. That’s why Google has announced that they’re applying close variant keyword matching to all exact and phrase match keywords …

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Google AdWords to Universally Apply Close Variant Keyword Matching

The change will apply to all exact and phrase match keywords and will help increase the likelihood users get the ads they expect to see. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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New Bing Ads Opportunities Page Shows How Budget & Keyword Changes Will Impact Campaigns

Bing Ads has launched a newly redesigned Opportunities Page to show the estimated impact of campaign changes for factors like increased bids, as well as budget and keyword suggestions. Now located at the top of the Bing Ads page on the primary toolbar, the new Opportunities Page displays the… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search …

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Keyword Research Masterclass: Using the Google Keyword Planner

Research and Development (R&D) is something we tend to think of in terms of scientific and medical fields, and the manufacturing industry. Not content marketing. But think of your typical week (or even day) as a content or online marketer for the website you manage. Isn’t a lot of what you do a variation on… …

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Local Keyword Research in 2014 and Beyond

Last year I did a lot of writing around the web focused on local keyword research, so much so that I had vowed not to do any content on the subject matter in 2014, but alas here we are and I'm doing another piece on local keyword research. Overall the fundamentals of local keyword research …

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Bing Ads Puts Estimated Keyword Bid Suggestions In Columns, Adds Keyword Delivery Status Alerts

Bing Ads launched a couple of relatively small but helpful features today. Both bring keyword status and bid insights into closer parity with Google AdWords. To get a better understanding of where keyword bids stand in relation to the competition, Bing Ads has added estimated bid suggestions for… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines …

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Top Keyword Combos for PPC Retail Ads During Back to School [Data]

The back-to-school and back-to-college retail audience spent an estimated $ 72.5 billion in 2013. Here’s a look at how word choice in retail PPC ads during the back-to-school season (July 15 to September 15) can impact your campaign success. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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5 Ways to Create Findable Content Without Keyword Stuffing

When it comes to content many people still seem to be in the SEO stone age with repetitive keyword usage, lack of clarity and context, boring headlines just for the sake of Google search. By now that doesn’t work anymore if it ever did. Content findability is the key element of getting editorial sites to… …

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Yandex Keyword Data Now ‘(Not Provided)’

Yandex has made the move to encrypted search. The Russian search engine has begun encrypting 100 percent of searches done through Yandex, meaning webmasters with traffic from Yandex, will now see “(not set)” or “(not provided)” in their analytics. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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SMX Advanced 2014 Series: Christine Churchill on Keyword Research Post-Hummingbird

SMX Advanced 2014 Series: Christine Churchill on Keyword Research Post-Hummingbird was originally published on BruceClay.com, home of expert search engine optimization tips. We’re a week out from SMX Advanced 2014 and Bruce’s one-day SEO Training Workshop (less than five seats remain!), and we’ve got two more installments of the SMX Advanced 2014 Interview Series. Over …

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Daily Inbound Marketing Mashup: Keyword Research (06/05/14)

SEO is nothing without your keywords. It literally is the key for your visitors to find your website. Today’s Mashup has got the breakdown on some of the greatest and latest on keyword research The Beginner’s Guide To Keyword Research For Ecommerce by Richard Lazazzera The fundamentals of SEO stem off into many components that …

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7 Places to Look for Keywords (That aren’t Google AdWords Keyword Tool)

For a long time now, Google has offered one of the most used free tools for keyword research with information on popularity, competition and suggestion variations. Originally tied to Adwords, the Keyword research tool worked to try and help people better understand Adwords. More recently however, this has become more closely integrated with the platform …

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Google Adds New Features To The Keyword Planner Tool

Google has added nine new features to the Google Keyword Planner Tool today. Here are the new features in the Keyword Planner tool that you should be able to play with yourself today. The images and descriptions are from Kim Clinkunbroomer’s blog. (1) Nice graphical visualizations and… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & …

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