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The Beginners Guide To Facebook Marketing

Many businesses dismiss Facebook if they supply B2B products or services, as it’s commonly perceived to be a consumer-based site when it comes to social advertising. However, this isn’t the case and if your business doesn’t have a Facebook presence, then you’re doing it a disservice. Facebook is a useful tool for promoting a business,… …

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Live At #Pubcon Day 1: Facebook Audience Network, Google Chaos Theory, Writing For SEO, and More! by @mattsouthern

Legions of passionate marketers who eat, sleep, and breathe SEO, content, and social media filled the Las Vegas Convention Center today as Pubcon Las Vegas kicked off for its 15th consecutive year. Pubcon founder, Brett Tabke, began the event with an audience poll to find out how many Pubcon events everyone has attended. A handful …

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Facebook Reviews Should Be a Part of Every SMB Review Plan

If you had any doubts as to whether Facebook has a place in your review strategy, news this past week from Bill Bean that Facebook reviews were now showing in the Google “Reviews from Around the Web” should put them to rest. I was curious how widespread this was and whether it was just a …

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Facebook Partners With Stripe To Power Facebook’s “Buy” Button by @mattsouthern

Re/code reports that Facebook has partnered with Stripe to power a “Buy” button that will eventually be a part of the news feed. That’s the same service provided Twitter is using to power their Buy button, which just launched this month. The Buy button will allow Facebook users to purchase items featured in ads or …

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How #IceBucketChallenge Used Facebook Videos to Go Viral

Unless your home address is listed on Neptune, youve heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Known on social media platforms as #IceBucketChallenge or #ALSChallenge, it swept across the Internet with lightning speed. In fact, within a few short days in August 2014, it seemed like everyone who was anyone was dumping icy water on …

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The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Graph Search

Posted by SimonPenson Social search has long been heralded as the “next big thing.” The opportunity to create the search engine for people is too enticing; the prize being held above all others in the race to build the next Google. Facebook is widely recognised as the only company other than the search giant itself …

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3 Steps To Bootstrap Your Facebook Ads

Facebook gives you excellent possibilities to acquire customers at a very low cost. With more than 829 million of daily active users, most of your customers are probably looking at ads there everyday. Facebook Ads' options for both Targeting & Creative can empower you to deliver your message and to create a compelling ad that …

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Facebook Testing Mobile Search Feature With Keywords

The tool will allow users to search for keywords in posts they are “in the audience for” on Facebook, the social network says. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Buffer’s Complete Guide to Mobile Social Media: Strategies for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ by @kevanlee

I spend my days writing content from my desktop computer for people who will read the content on their smartphones and tablets. Go figure. Mobile devices are fast becoming the preferred method of reading, sharing, and engaging with online content. It’s strange to think that the content we create on desktops and laptops will end up on dozens of different …

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Facebook Tests Searching By Keyword In Mobile Apps

Eventually Facebook will bring Graph Search to mobile devices. At least Mark Zuckerberg says so. In January, he said it would be coming “pretty soon”. Facebook is staying quiet about any timetable, but now and then tests leak into public. In June, it was a test for mobile web users…. . About SEO, PPC, SEM, …

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Facebook Bans Like-Gating, No More Incentivizing Users To Like Pages by @mattsouthern

Facebook recently published a small but important update on their developer blog where they effectively put the ban on like-gating content. According to Facebook themselves, the definition of like-gating is: “when you force a Facebook user who has not already liked your Page to like your Page before they can see content on a particular custom tab.” …

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25,000 Users Join Facebook Privacy Challenge, Similar to a “class action lawsuit”

“Right now I have the feeling that we love to point the finger at the US in Europe, and say they are not respecting our privacy. But the reality is that we don’t really do anything about it – we complain, then go home and drink beer.”

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Reviewer Demographics – Facebook has more Women, Yelp has more Men

We live in a big country. There are differences in behaviors between men and women, rural and urban and regionally. This is as true on line as it is offline. Those who leave reviews are not a uniform lot nor are their preferred review sites. In my recent research as to which sites US internet users …

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Facebook To Force Users Worldwide To Download Messenger For Mobile Chat

Over the next few days, Facebook will stop allowing messaging in its main iPhone and Android apps, and force all their users around the world to download its standalone Messenger app.

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Where Do Consumers Leave Local Reviews? Facebook Now #2

TL;dr: Amongst consumers that leave reviews more than once per year, which sites do consumers prefer for leaving reviews? The answer might surprise you. Google is number one overall but Facebook made a strong showing and outpaced Yelp for the number two spot as a preferred site to leave reviews. Reviews have two sides: Where do people read them? …

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