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To Avoid Liability, Google Limits German News Content To Headlines

German news and magazine publishers are determined, one way or another, to get Google to pay them for their content. They’re not upset about the content appearing in Google News or search. They want it to appear – they just want Google to pay for it. Google doesn’t want to pay…. . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search …

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Content Writing Masterclass – How to Take Your Skills to The Next Level

In the wake of the Google updates, the written content that you see on the web should now start to become much better quality than it has in the past. There are many talented writers out there and so in theory, it should now just be about them getting more cash for their efforts right?… …

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SMX East Liveblog: The 4th Wave of Content Marketing

SMX East Liveblog: The 4th Wave of Content Marketing was originally published on BruceClay.com, home of expert search engine optimization tips. Content may be king, but content marketing is a constant battle for information. Even if you make it to the top of the heap, someone’s gunning for your head. Most marketers fight this fact by …

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Aspirational brands: Is magazine content the future for online retailers?

We’ve known for some time now that the hard-sell doesn’t really work online. So what strategies are brands in 2014 using to urge browsers to buy online? They’re using magazine content. What is magazine content? Well you can call it visual content marketing, editorial content, lookbook content or whatever you like. Essentially, it’s content that has …

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Why Visual Content Marketing Delivers Results [Infographic] by @MDMSEO

Consumers respond better to visual marketing, and this is one reason infographics became an instant home run when they burst onto the scene several years ago. While they continue to be a very effective form of online marketing, everyone and their brother were churning out infographics a couple of years ago. It now requires a …

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Why They Read Your Content – How To Use Buyer Intents To Improve Your Content Strategy

Tell me, what makes a great content strategy? Gosh, it’s obvious – content, du-uh! Well, yes but ..… no. I mean that too but it’s not the heart of it. Diversity of content types then? Ummm, nope, no, uh-uh. Frequency of posting? (Shaking his head) .. close but wrong again. What the -?! Well, let’s… …

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5 Hacks for Creating and Promoting the Right Content

Posted by Paddy_Moogan In my last post on Moz a few weeks ago, I talked about the idea of paying to promote your content using social channels. Today I actually want to go a step backwards in the process and talk about content creation.  1. How to verify you have a good idea I could write …

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Searchmetrics Ranking Factors 2014: Why Quality Content Focuses on Topics, not Keywords

Posted by searchmetrics Searchmetrics recently launched their yearly Ranking Factors Study that bases numbers on rank correlation and averages of top 10 SEO rankings, and this year’s analysis shows that content on top-performing sites is much more holistic and less keyword-focused. Everybody talks about how “content is king.” People are advised to “create quality content for users,” …

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A Content Strategy Template You Can Build On

Posted by Isla_McKetta Picture it. A room full of executives from a company you never thought you could land as a client. They’re so engaged in what they are saying that they’re leaning forward in their chairs. The CEO looks poised to ask a question but you can tell she doesn’t want to interrupt your …

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In The EU, Lots Of People Are Asking Google To Forget Content That They Authored

Here’s one from the “shaking my head” department: If you assumed that all of the “Right To Be Forgotten” (RTBF) requests that people in the European Union are sending to Google are for unflattering or inaccurate web pages written by third parties, you’d be wrong…. . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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10 Things Marketers Must Know About Outsourcing Content

by sophiadphotography We all know how important content is when it comes to SEO. Whether it be having great content across all pages of your site, or keeping up a blog with valuable and fresh content, you need to take the time to craft content that is not only relevant to your products or services …

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Get Your Content On: Social Media Marketing with BuzzSumo

There is only one thing that is more exciting than the new features in BuzzSumo, and that is applying them to your social media marketing efforts. In this post I will outline some new BuzzSumo features and share some practical ways you can use them. Just an intro for those of you who don’t know …

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Here’s Your Best Tool for Content Brainstorming

This is by far one of the most useful free tool I’ve ever seen! I use it daily and recommend to everyone when they ask about keyword research or content idea brainstorming. Please meet: Bulk Google, Bing, Amazon and Youtube Tool How Bulk Auto-Suggest Works Google (as well as Bing, Amazon and obviously Youtube) Auto-Suggest …

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Content Filter: Using Curation to Make Sense of Content and Grow Your Audience

In his introduction to the first edition of The Exhibitionist, Jens Hoffmann wrote: One measure of the vitality of a discipline is the intensity of the debate surrounding it He was talking about curatorial practice within the context of exhibition making, but his words could so easily apply to almost all aspects of modern day… …

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Content Is King in SEO, But User Signals Are Also “Crucial” [Study]

In addition, Searchmetrics’ 2014 SEO Ranking Factors and Rank Correlations report finds the quantity and quality of backlinks remain critical. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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