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5 Types of Sites That Could Benefit from Broken Link Building by @AlesiaKrush

Like a prodigal family member, broken link building got re-embraced by SEOs after the series of Google algorithm updates known as Penguin. Google Penguin and a slew of manual actions Google took against “unnatural” link builders cut the number of backlink methods SEOs had at their disposal at least by half, which lead to broken …

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Google’s Matt Cutts: Don’t Use Article Directories For Link Building

In a short video yesterday, Google’s Matt Cutts told webmasters and SEOs not to use article directory sites for link building strategies. Well… Search Engine Roundtable

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11 Reasons Link Building Is A Futile Waste Of Time — And One Big Reason It Isn’t

I don’t have to build links anymore, and I have never felt so liberated. So free. All the years I spent endless hours trying to help content get discovered — and I didn’t realize I didn’t have to do any of it. Those 163 conference gigs? Waste of time. 300+ articles, columns… . About SEO, …

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How To Analyze A Link: Link Building Basics

The importance of link quality in SEO cannot be overstated. Before you begin any link building project within SEO, you must be sure you’re pursuing links that will not only have an impact today, but will continue to have a positive impact in the future. That means understanding what makes a… . About SEO, PPC, …

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The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience

Do you know what the number one way to get your blog to 100,000 visitors a month is? It’s probably not what you think. The quickest way to get there is to focus on building a blog audience, instead of focusing on building traffic. If you focus your marketing efforts purely around traffic acquisition, you’ll find that …

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Will Link Building Soon Be A Thing Of The Past?

The other day while working on a client proposal, I came to the section about link building and had to pause. While everything we include in a proposal is relevant, strategic, and in my opinion, a good tactic, I wasn’t sure I wanted to position it as link building. As someone who has been… . …

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Secrets Of Successful Enterprise SEO Part 2: Building A Winning Team

In the first part of this series, I outlined a powerful method used by successful enterprise SEOs to tackle the challenge of enterprise SEO. While operational planning is critical to get in place, the best laid plans are useless unless you can execute on them. In this second part, I would like to… . About …

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Link Building 2013: Looking Back At This Year’s Top Link Week Columns

With each passing year, search engine algorithms grow increasingly sophisticated in their ability to identify (and penalize) spammy links. Among other things, this year marked the fourth and fifth releases of Google’s spam-filtering Penguin update (Penguin 2.0 and 2.1, respectively)…. . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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A Look Back On One Crazy Year Of Link Building

If 2012 was the year of Google Algorithm updates — Moz counted 37 big ones compared to the 15 in 2013 and 21 in 2011 — 2013 was the year that link building suffered from a serious identity crisis. It was sidelined, stretched, swindled and spit back out again more times than your average… . …

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Link Building Is A Combination Of Online And Offline Networking: Interview With Roger Montti by @johnrampton

As part of our SEJ interview series, Roger Montii of Martini Buster discusses how he’s shaken up the world of link building and figured out how to get links from difficult sources. Roger is an expert link builder, one of the best you’ll find in the entire SEO industry. Roger has been able to break barriers …

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Rapid Fire Link Building Tips for Your Content – Slides from MozCon

The above is my presentation from MozCon in Seattle, WA, on “Rapid Fire Link Building for Your Content”. The slides include new tools, as well as tips to improve your visibility and build more links. It also features the debut of our new producitivity tool, Auto Boomerang, an add-on for Gmail. The post Rapid Fire …

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If Link Building Really Is Dead, What Do We Do Now?

“He’s dead, Jim.” It’s been shouted from the rooftops, from here to Moz and every blog in between, but I guess it isn’t official until the doctor says so: Link building is dead. Depending on how much you agree with that statement, you’re somewhere in the five… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search …

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Building High Quality Backlinks with Dofollow Relationship

Had a request to write an article specifically about this topic: how to build high quality links with a “dofollow” relationship. Of course, “dofollow” is a figurative label we apply to any link that a search engine is likely to follow and allow to pass value. There remains, to this day, no “rel=’dofollow’” link attribute …

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Mastering PPC: Building Keyword Lists

When building out new PPC campaigns, it’s important to exhaust all options to come up with the best set of relevant keywords. While rattling off the first words that come to mind might be a good start, there are some other options and tools that PPC’ers can use to help build a more robust list. …

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Link Building At The Speed Of Natural

“Natural link building” has long been a sore spot (some would call it an oxymoron) among many in the online marketing community. The general argument goes something like this: “Any link that comes about because you pursued it cannot be considered natural.” or “The very… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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