Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Content Is King in SEO, But User Signals Are Also “Crucial” [Study]

In addition, Searchmetrics’ 2014 SEO Ranking Factors and Rank Correlations report finds the quantity and quality of backlinks remain critical. Search Engine Watch – Latest - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

School’s in Session at Moz Academy

Posted by Nick_Sayers The onset of fall sharpens the air. Kids laboriously lug stacks of books and binders to class. Teachers puzzle over their lesson plans for the year. Lockers that were once empty now overflow with paper, and quiet hallways fill with the chatter of eager minds. School is finally back in session. In … - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

Google To Start Bumping Ad Copy For Extensions In Mobile Search Ads

When Google added ad extensions and formats to the Ad Rank formula last fall, the company essentially put a neon sign flashing “Ad Extensions Increase Click Through Rates” in that store window you walk by every day. Now, in another sign of the rise of ad extensions, Google has announced… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, … - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

What Do the Best Writers Do That Other Writers Don’t

If you’ve ever worked with writers, you’ve probably noticed that some of them need very little editing while others need a whole lot just to make sense of their work. As someone who both writes and manages a writing team, I’ve often wondered why that was the case. Even writers who are great with words… … - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

The State Of Podcasting In 2014: An Interview With Zac Johnson by @johnrampton

As part of our SEJ interview series, I recently caught up with Zac Johnson to discuss the state of podcasting in 2014. Zac has a new podcast called Rise of the Entrepreneur, which he puts out twice a week. I took this opportunity with Zac to ask him about his podcast and to share some of … - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

Why I Bought at Walmart and What Does It Say About the Future of Retail

I wanted a bike rack for my Honda Fit. I was going on vacation and wanted to bring our bikes. I also, having worked many years in a family owned business, wanted to buy it locally. Sometimes it just isn’t possible. Here’s my story of how I ended up shopping at WalMart despite my very … - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

Google’s AdSense for Shopping Takes PLAs to Retail Sites

Product Listing Ads (PLAs) can now be displayed alongside contextually relevant results, which will help advertisers connect products to interested shoppers and better monetize traffic. Search Engine Watch – Latest - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

7 Hidden Features In AdWords To Make Your Life Easier

Simple, little-known tricks for easier AdWords account management from columnist Fred Vallaeys. The post 7 Hidden Features In AdWords To Make Your Life Easier appeared first on Search Engine Land. . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

How to Create a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

If I had a million dollars…I’d be rich.– a catchy tune by the Bare Naked Ladies in 1992. Now in 2014, crowdfunding has allowed many entrepreneurial thinkers the ability to sing a different tune. If I had a million dollars I’d build, create, donate, share, prototype…and the list goes on. There are plenty of other … - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

Monitoring the Monitors: A Study into the Most Mentioned Brand Monitoring Tools in the SERPs

With a plethora of new social media platforms vying for our attention and the unabated growth in popularity of the established platforms, it's not surprising that the last few years have seen a surge of online brand monitoring tools. Businesses big and small are embracing social media like never before and a whole new sector … - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

SEO and PPC Need to Stop Being Enemies

If SEO and PPC worked together, marketers could do their jobs much better – and make a lot more money for their companies. Search Engine Watch – Latest - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

Newest AdWords Editor Supports App Install Ad Campaigns

The latest AdWords Editor is now available for download. Version 10.6 supports Google’s mobile app install ad campaigns announced earlier this year. Advertisers can create app install ads and manage campaigns in Editor, but will need to create any new app install campaigns in the AdWords. A… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & … - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

When it Comes to URLs, Does Size Matter?

Pop quiz: You’re buying a website domain. You sell disco balls. is $ 200. Disco.ball is $ 20. Which one do you buy? Answer: If you are trying to maximize how many people can recall your website domain five seconds after seeing it, then buy disco.ball. You’ve probably seen the internet awash lately in bizarre domain … - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

Bing Ads Enhances Geo-Targeting for Increased Relevancy

Bing Ads’ updates to its location targeting tools will help advertisers refine and define their geo-targeting for PPC. Search Engine Watch – Latest - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark  

Back to Fundamentals: 6 Untapped Keyword Sources that Will Boost Organic Traffic

Posted by neilpatel I used to perform keyword research in the typical, perfunctory way—go to the Keyword Tool, type in some words, and punch out a list of terms. Easy. Quick. Simple. Today, things are different. The much-loved keyword tool has been replaced, long-tail keywords have the ascendancy, and it’s harder to figure out what … - 1 week ago Loading+Bookmark